Why choose Kalstein?

In Kalstein we have specialized in Products and Supplies, Technical Service and Consulting for Clinical and Professional Diagnostic Laboratories, especially the purchase, sale, production and distribution of equipment, supplies, supplies, supplies, reagents and kits for clinical laboratories, analytical, medical offices, clinics, hospitals, public and private health centers, among others.


Kalstein’s experience in the market has consolidated a strong network of knowledge and improvement in each of our products, allowing us to optimize our operational processes, to achieve a high level of product quality and advice, to meet the requirements of our customers, ensuring excellent diagnostic results for laboratory users.


In addition, we have invested in the maintenance and training of our personnel, infrastructure and constant technological adaptation, as well as technical and legal, national and international health requirements. That is why Kalstein has become a highly qualified supplier of products and services for its customers.


Kalstein has a solid system of offices throughout the country. With its prompt and effective delivery of products to our customers, we have had the recognition of becoming a reliable supplier, in addition to the support, warranty of our products and services.